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People with a high passionindex will get a better life...

Most companies use personality tests in order to assess candidates, when they are recruiting. That is easy to understand, because every time you make a bad recruitment it is very costly and you loose time, before someone is doing the job with good performance. But why not also use the result from the personality test in order to develop every employee to his or her full potential – to get a high passionindex… Then you can use the HumanGuide concepts…

You can learn more about how to use the concepts in the following development areas

  • Individual – by increasing your self-knowledge…
  • Team – by better understanding of other people…
  • Leader – by a useful “toolbox” for people…
  • Company or organisation – by better recruitment and care of the trademark…
  • Private life – by e.g. choosing a good life partner and caring of the relation with the life partner, family, friends, etc…

Click on the relevant picture above in order to get more information…

The core of the HumanGuide concepts is a personality test, which is today available in 15 languages – from Swedish to Chinese;-) The test is today most used in Brazil – 500,000 tests between 2010-2019. The test was also the first of its kind to be approved in Brazil (SATEPSI 2009). There have been many validation studies in Brazil. All with very good psychometric performance. The last validation study was done in 2016 with 110,000 tests.

Why then choose the HumanGuide concepts? E.g. based on the following strengths

  • They are built on a theory with eight basic dimensions instead of e.g. four for DISC and similar or five for all tests, which are built on the Big five model. Eight dimensions give much more nuances
  • We have also a lot of supportive materials and tools for each concept, i.e. we don’t have only tests…
  • We have a lot of unique and very modern supportive tools e.g. three web apps. With one of the apps you can also calculate your passionindex…

The founder of the HumanGuide concepts, Rolf Kenmo, has a very high passionindex for developing the use of the concepts. Why? Look at his PersonProfile below. It is in appformat, i.e. possible to have access to for him with the webapp, where he also can find personality knowledge.

CoachRKenmo AP eng

His dominant factors are: Imagination, Structure, Quality and Power. They are his strengths, where he has most motivation. The strongest strength – the corefactor – is Imagination and the second strongest – the co-factor – is Structure. In order to find a job, which gives a high passionindex, we have created the word – jackpot-activity, i.e. what do you principally do, when you use all your strength together? In Rolf’s case he had chosen this wording: Complex problemsolving with a good purpose for the society. Proof? Yes, because he could be retired, but he isn’t. He has chosen to be a passionaire;-)  

How high is your passionindex for your job? If you like to increase your index, then you can below get a rough insight about your personality á la HumanGuide …

The HumanGuide® concepts...

The core of the HumanGuide Concepts is a personality test, which is available in 15 languages. Many do personality tests, but they seldom use insights from these personality tests every week... They do a test and after a while is the test result forgotten. Sometimes later a new test is done and also this is forgotten. Etc. Most users of the HumanGuide®concepts use the insights from the tests every week. Every week! E.g.

  • I need to remember, when I cooperate with X that he is very low on Structure
  • In this team it is important that I contribute with ideas, because most of the members are so risk-focused. However, don’t do it too often…
  • When I cooperate with X and Y, then I need to act as a bridge, because of their very different personalities, so there will be no unnecessary conflicts
  • I need to figure out how to handle these routine tasks, because my Stability factor is very low
  • Etc.

Also in their private life! They cooperate therefore better with other people. Their recruitment and staffing works better. Etc... 

In the start of 2020 the HumanGuide concepts are most used in Brazil, where it 2009 was the first test of its kind (internet-based and forced-choice) to be approved by the authority SATEPSI, which you can see on their website. Between 2010-2019 it has been done 500,000 tests with their test IT-system in Portuguese.

Here you have a short presentation of the HumanGuide concepts (video 2 min).

We have also developed HumanGuide tools e.g. webapps as and The second app is used together with a deck of cards, i.e. the personality test in deck of cards format. Then we also have developed the template StrengthsStrategy, where you can fill in your test result and how you use your strengths in the best way. The StrengthsStrategy you can have great use of in your whole life!

The HumanGuide concepts core is a personality test. More about the symbolic colours for the eight dimensions in the personality theory (4 min) - Developed by our partners in Brazil. Here you have a version with text in Portuguese click here! 

On this page you can learn more about the eight basic dimension s in the personality theory Eight boxes.


”The tests are simple and easy to use. The availability via the internet make them excellent. I have had great use of the concepts for recruitment, development of individuals and teams.”

Sven-Erik Ringström, VD WM-data IT Support AB (now CGI AB)

”Rolf Kenmo has adapted Szondi’s theory to everyday life. It is a great idea of conveying the theory to a broad use. That is an essential asset for making the test results immediately accepted and it works in any culture. We use HumanGuide in recruiting and team development for an internationally operating company.”

Thomas Seiler, CEO, U-blox AG, Switzerland

”The theory is explained very pedagogically in the HumanGuide concepts and it is a good support for my clients (since 2002), in vocational guidance and in coaching. HumanGuide supports well in working life as well as in private life.”

Giselle Welter, psychologist, spec. in vocational guidance, HumanGuide, Sao Paulo, Brazil 

"I've been using the HumanGuide since 2012, with excellent results! It has been an assessment tool much requested by my organizational clients."

Adriana Torres Guedes, Psychologist, Brazil (2020-02-10)

"I hire probably the wrong yellow people". She used DISC's four dimensions. DISC's yellow dimension is represented by three dimensions with the HumanGuide. The colurs in HumanGuide are: Orange, grey, green, violett, blue, yellow, brown and red, i.e. Then the test result will be much more nuanced. Below on this page there is a video with the symbolics for the eight colours.
Manager for a restaurant chain (2018-03-02) 
"For eight years I had  a personal meeting about my PersonProfile á la HumanGuide. I have done many other personality tests cince then, but my opinion about this "method" is that it was fascinating and the most accurate. The PersonProfile is still pinned up at work"
IT manager (2018-04-19) 
"As a consultant I have done many personality tests. The results made me feel confirmed, but I didn't get any answer: Why I didn't was happy to 100%? This autumn I did the HumanGuide-test, which only took 15 min to do. It explained for me, where I had most motivation and because of then easiest to be my best version."
Nuclear engineer (2018-03-27) 

The testimonial below is about the concepts and the developer of the concepts Rolf Kenmo's profile on Linkedin:

Recommendation Ricardo 151104 eng

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