The HumanGuide Concepts for Private Life?

priuvThe picture shows Rolf Kenmo, management consultant and inventor of the HumanGuide concepts, and his life partner since 1994. They are an example of how you can benefit from the concepts privately e.g. how you fit together, i.e. have similar interests and also understand each other's needs that crucially facilitate life. 

The HumanGuide concepts can be used both at work and in life, i.e. according to our slogan "HumanGuide improves at work and in life". Many of the concepts for working in life can also be used in the private life, e.g. from to identify the "perfect" job for yourself to how to support your children in their choice of an occupation and based on that choice the relevant kind of education.

A strong argument for HumanGuide is that the underlying personality theory consists of eight dimensions. Then you get a more nuanced testresult and sharper analysis. Compare with MBTI, where you "be" one of 16 types. The popular DISC model (and similar) has only four dimensions. And the BigFive model has only five basic dimensions.

"For eight years ago I had a personal meeting about my PersonProfile á la HumanGuide. I have done many other personality tests since then, but my opinion is that this "method" was the most fascinating and accurate. The PersonProfile is still pinned up at work".
IT manager (2018-04-19)
"As a consultant I have done a lot of personality tests. The result made me endorsed, but I got no answer on: Why I still didn't like my job to 100%? Last autumn I did the HumanGuide-test, which took only 15 min to do. It explained for me, where I had most motivation and then easiest to be best."
Nuclear power engineer (2018-03-27)

Example of possibilities are

  • Job matching, i.e. analyse how a job suits my personality?
  • What life partner suits me?
  • Person Chemistry Analysis, i.e. what happens when I cooperate with another person and how should we act in order to cooperate well?
  • Choice of occupation and education for my children (also me)?

If you are interested in any of these areas, what can you then do? Well, e.g. 

-       buy the book Let the Personality Bloom. Then of course read it and use something. For more about the book, look at "Products".

-       buy a deck of cards. The connected web app is for free. For more about the deck of cards, look at "Products".

-       get in touch with a coach, who is an authorized "humanguide". (Look at the website "Be Authorized?")

-      get in touch with a therapist, who is anauthorized "humanguide". (Look at the website "Be Authorized?")

Job Matching

When it comes to choice of occupation, then most people immediately think of certain jobs e.g. because the parents have that job, buddies have chosen it, the job is attractive just now, etc. It is much smarter to do this in a two-step rocket. At first you analyse your personality in a nuanced way -- why not use HumanGuide). If you use a good concept, then you realize more precisely your human needs, your motivation (the drive forces). Many of the competing concepts are too simple and others too complex. Our opinion is that the eight factors, which HumanGuide is based on, is an optimum. Neither too few (simple) nor too many (complex).

First, you understand clearly your needs and drive forces, then you should chose what types of jobs can match your personality in a good way. If you do this, then the chance is much greater that the type of job that you focus on will be the one you also will like in the long term -- and in tough times!

Of course it is not only the personality that matters in getting a good match for a job but also the leader, the company/organization, your own talents of different kinds (logical ability, language, etc.), values, etc.

A leading landmark for maximum motivation is to accept a good matching to one's own personality, and according to the book Drive by Daniel Pink:

  • that you be in control of your job situation
  • that the job is purposeful.

What Life Partner Suits Me?

At work it is an advantage if the teams in which you are a member are based on diversity. However, when it comes to choosing a life partner, it is preferable to strive after many similar strong factors and also values of course. Why? Because if you two are very different, then you both will have very different interests and hobbies, e.g. one in the couple likes to be in nature as often as possible and the other in the couple perhaps hates it... But if you have two or more factors as strong ones, then it is, of course, good if other factors are complementary, e.g. one is strong at Structure (one of the factors in the personality theory Eight Boxes) and the other is not.

Person Chemistry Analysis

Exactly as at work, it can be valuable to do a Person Chemistry Analysis. Moreover, it is of course even more valuable to do such an analysis in a relationship, because you are hopefully together during a long time and then you will have a good time together.

Choice of Occupation and Education

Here the reasoning is the same as with "Job Matching" above. Moreover a crucial aspect is added. You will realize a clearer connection between the education you aim at and an ideal possible job. This increases the motivation to carry out the needed education, which in its turn will increase the chance to get the ideal job!


According to our slogan "HumanGuide improves at work and in life".

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