The HumanGuide Concepts for Leaders?


 The picture shows Rolf Kenmo, management consultant and the inventor of the HumanGuide concepts, at a signpost in the Rondane Mountains, Norway. He has in many ways had great use of the HumanGuide concepts when he has been a leader, e.g. to staff, start and handle teams, to coach different persons, to handle conflicts, etc.


The demands on leaders increase all the time, but some tasks are eternal, e.g.

  • how to coach a particular person in a good way? There are few general prescriptions that work for everybody, because all human beings are different. Therefore it is crucial to understand how people differ. The more accurate you are in your understanding, the better you can coach.
  • how to handle the conflict between two persons?
  • who suits best for this task?
  • what development is suitable for me?

If you are a leader, then you can look upon the HumanGuide concepts as a toolbox with many possibilities, e.g. coaching, staffing/recruitment, handling conflicts, etc.

If you are a leader and wish to have the HumanGuide concepts as a part of your toolbox, then it is best to start with doing a PersonProfile via the internet, which takes about 15 minutes. The next step is to fine tune the result with an authorized "humanguide”, which takes about one hour depending on the objective.

Then you can as a leader continue with a coaching program with your humanguide. There are many versions of a coaching program depending on objectives and conditions. If you are interested, then contact an authorized humanguide or us at Humankonsult AB -- look at the foot of the page.

A strong argument for HumanGuide is that the underlying personality theory consists of eight dimensions. Then you get a more nuanced testresult and sharper analysis. Compare with MBTI, where you "be" one of 16 types. The popular DISC model (and similar) has only four dimensions. And the BigFive model has only five basic dimensions.

"For eight years ago I had a personal meeting about my PersonProfile á la HumanGuide. I have done many other personality tests since then, but my opinion is that this "method" was the most fascinating and accurate. The PersonProfile is still pinned up at work".
IT manager (2018-04-19)
"As a consultant I have done a lot of personality tests. The result made me endorsed, but I got no answer on: Why I still didn't like my job to 100%? Last autumn I did the HumanGuide-test, which took only 15 min to do. It explained for me, where I had most motivation and then easiest to be best."
Nuclear power engineer (2018-03-27)

Another version is to participate in a program for leader development where HumanGuide is a part. Our "basic module" can be carried out in about 2 hours. Then you

  • learn about the personality theory Eight Boxes, which is the core of the HumanGuide concepts
  • increase your self-knowledge based on the Eight Boxes, which facilitates personal development
  • are better able to coach and support other people to identify their best focus for success
  • are better able to cooperate with other people -- especially with those who are not like you at all
  • are better able to understand conflicts and how they can be handled.


The overall result is that you get leaders who learn to be a leader in harmony with their personality, i.e. to be one's self in an advantageously way. Moreover, they learn to use a very broad and practical toolbox as a support for their leadership. 

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