The HumanGuide Concepts for Companies/Organizations?


 The picture is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is one of the world's mega towns. It increases with more and more people in the cities, and the world is more and more a global village via internet, which implies that competition and speed of change only increases. Therefore it is crucial for companies and organizations to be alert in their business by e.g. hiring, developing and keeping good employees plus developing and nurturing both their trademark and culture.

The HumanGuide concepts can be used for development of a company and an organization in many ways. The most common is, of course, recruitment – more on this below. Other uses are to design, develop and nurture the trademark and the culture – more below.

Crucial questions to answer in order to have a well-functioning business are 

  • what should the personality be like in order to handle a particular job in a good way?
  • how best to attract someone who is most suited for a particular job?
  • how can we decrease personnel turnover?
  • how can we check job references in a smarter way?
  • if we like to describe in a simple way our trademark and culture -- our DNA -- how can we do that?

The concepts can be used in many other ways. We will not describe all of them here, unnecessarily giving our competitors useful ideas. We have many inventive methods, because we are both creative and smart.) If you have a problem (development need) that you are thinking of how to handle, then you only need to contact us.

A strong argument for HumanGuide is that the underlying personality theory consists of eight dimensions. Then you get a more nuanced testresult and sharper analysis. Compare with MBTI, where you "be" one of 16 types. The popular DISC model (and similar) has only four dimensions. And the BigFive model has only five basic dimensions.

"I've been using the HumanGuide since 2012, with excellent results! It has been an assessment tool much requested by my organizational clients."

Adriana Torres Guedes, Psychologist, Brazil (2020-02-10)

"I hire probably the wrong yellow people". She used DISC's four dimensions. DISC's yellow dimension is represented by three dimensions with the HumanGuide. The colurs in HumanGuide are: Orange, grey, green, violett, blue, yellow, brown and red, i.e. Then the test result will be much more nuanced. Below on this page there is a video with the symbolics for the eight colours.
Manager for a restaurant chain (2018-03-02) 
"For eight years I had  a personal meeting about my PersonProfile á la HumanGuide. I have done many other personality tests cince then, but my opinion about this "method" is that it was fascinating and the most accurate. The PersonProfile is still pinned up at work"
IT manager (2018-04-19) 
"As a consultant I have done many personality tests. The results made me feel confirmed, but I didn't get any answer: Why I didn't was happy to 100%? This autumn I did the HumanGuide-test, which only took 15 min to do. It explained for me, where I had most motivation and because of then easiest to be my best version."
Nuclear engineer (2018-03-27) 

The HumanGuide concepts give many possibilities in order to be successful in recruitment -- from defining the personality demands to introduction of the hired candidate.

1-Defining the Demand Specification

When it comes to competence and such for the job, it is not so difficult to get fairly the same opinion about the demands. It is much more difficult to define the personality demands. A smooth and pedagogic way is to use the product HumanGuide Cards, i.e. those who shall influence the demands meet and use a deck of cards and an app in order to specify a JobProfile. Then the chosen cards are registered in the app that gives a JobProfile, which is the foundation of the personality demands. However, here it is important to understand that for some tasks there can be many ways to handle them when you see to driving forces.

A higher ambition level is that the people who define the requirements at first individually do a JobProfile via the internet and after that all involved meet and use the deck of cards (HumanGuide Cards). The objective is in this way to facilitate so that the individual opinions are strengthened and then blend together the individual opinions to one opinion with the deck of cards.

At last it is of course an advantage if all involved have each done their own PersonProfile so that they become familiar with the personality theory. Moreover, you can then pay attention to the involved people's own preferences to other people's because most people like people who are similar to them.  

Note also the possibility to use the HumanGuide concepts in order to check culture chemistry (DNA check), i.e. how different candidates match the culture. Then you need to do a CultureProfile to describe the company's/organization's culture.

2-Support for the Search

When you have a common JobProfile, then you, of course, should be aware of this JobProfile in your search for candidates, e.g.

  • Where are they?
  • What content in a search attracts them?
  • What design attracts them?

However, you should not do what is fairly common: to show externally which qualities are wanted. It can then be tempting for the candidates consciously or unconsciously to give an impression of such qualities. In the search you should only show what should be done in the job and under what conditions.


We recommend that you first sort out for competence and such. When in the end you have some final candidates, then you let them each do at least a PersonProfile via the internet. The next step is to fine tune that with an authorized ”humanguide”, which takes about one hour depending on the objective and other conditions. This can be done in a meeting or by phone. It is a matter of your ambition level. After that the candidates are analysed as compared to the JobProfile. In this analysis you should also consider the personality of the leader and the team's personalities.

If you want to be more ambitious, then there is a possibility to use X’s PersonProfile in order to increase the quality of the handling of the references. Sometimes, for different reasons, references praise too much and sometimes you get incorrect information. If you let the referee give his or her opinion about the candidate via X’s PersonProfile, then it can be very fruitful to discuss the differences of opinions with the referee. 

If you have done a CultureProfile for the company/organization, then you also can analyse how the different candidates match the culture.

4-Introduction of Employee

When you hire and staff with the support of HumanGuide, then the introduction of the employee is considerably facilitated. This is valid, of course, if the leader and the other involved employees also have done a PersonProfile so that they understand the personality theory and its eight factors that are used -- the factors then will be a sort of a language.

Result for Recruitment

The overall result is that you get a high precision in the recruitment and staffing with the support of HumanGuide. Moreover, all involved will also feel more responsible for the resulting hire, because they have been involved, and thus there will be a higher probability of a successful recruitment.

Design, Develop and Nurture of Trademark and Culture

With support of HumanGuide Cards you can describe an organization's culture and trademark - the DNA. If you don't have these two defined, then you gather some people with a good opinion about the culture. With the support of the deck of cards and the app, they describe how it is today. After that you should analyse if the culture and trademark support the business idea and strategy in a good way. If not, then you have to figure out how to handle this.

HumanGuide Cards are also useful in order to care about your defined culture and trademark. For Example, when you have had a course for new leaders and employees in the defined culture, then after a suitable time you can ask the participants to describe with the Cards their opinion of the current culture. If this result matches the defined culture, then everything is fine. If no match, it has to be taken care of. 

When you have a defined organization culture via HumanGuide Cards, this will also gives a possibility to facilitate cooperation with important suppliers and other cooperation partners. Another useful application is for mergers and acquisitions.

Result Concerning Trademark and Culture

The overall result is that you, of course, get a more competitive company, i.e. by

  • getting a clearer and relevant trademark, which should attract the right customers
  • getting a clearer and relevant culture, which should attract the right persons to be employees
  • not eroding either the defined trademark or the culture
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