HumanGuide Team-Tools

TeamChemAnaDemo serfIn order to simplify team development there are many supportive tools. They are foremost

• TeamView

• Person Chemistry Analysis

• Team Chemistry Analysis

HumanGuide Cards are of course also such a tool, i.e. when you use the function TeamPlay in Cards. Look at HumanGuide Cards and HumanGuide Apps.


On a TeamView you show each team member's strongest and second strongest factor. The objective is to visualize the distribution of the team members' strengths, so you can analyse e.g. if the staffing is good regarding the team's tasks. It is also a great value to have an overview of the team members' strengths e.g. as a "cooperation map".

Person Chemistry Analysis

Many destructive conflicts are unnecessary. When you get a better understanding for each other's personality, then gradually many conflicts vanish. Person Chemistry Analysis is based on your noting respectively your MiniProfiles in this template. Then you follow a method in order to analyse your personal chemistry with another person. The theory is that similar factors work well together. The only exception is the factor Exposure (according to the Eight Boxes). It is mostly the differences that create irritation and conflicts -- especially for those with a low or exaggerated (in the core insecure person's) self-esteem. Best is of course to see the differences as complementary, which those with good self-esteem can do more easily. 

A Person Chemistry Analysis should lead to an agreement on how to cooperate in the best way, i.e. how best to use all one's strengths, and how to agree to handle that which irritates or creates conflicts.

Team Chemistry Analysis

This team-tool aims to analyse a team's strengths and risks based on the team's tasks. Moreover, you identify what each team member is uniquely best at in the team. This has to be strengthened so that you don't become annoyed at that difference compared to the other team members. It is better with positive Profiling compared to negative. This is especially valid, when you are reasonable and prioritize diversity in teams.

This analysis is based on the template Team Chemistry Analysis, i.e. there you have registered all team members' MiniProfiles.


Here the overall result is that you get good cooperation, even if you have a great diversity in your teams. Today most people also work in many different teams, which means that it is an advantage the more people who have learned the HumanGuide-theory -- especially if they also have their own MiniProfile. With your own MiniProfile you can rather quickly understand another person's personality, and in this way quickly can be in a good harmony with each other.

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