HumanGuide Cards (Deck of Cards & App)

IMG 0768rfThe deck of cards is a part of HumanGuide Cards, which can be used for

• Team development

• Personal development/coaching

• Figuring out the personality requirements in recruitment and staffing

• Designing and nurturing trademark and company culture for a company/organization

Cards consists of a deck of cards and a web app. The app is instead of printed instructions, forms and such. More information at Products - Apps. A Fact sheet over HumanGuide Cards - look at "Downloading - the HumanGuide-concepts".

Team Development

When you use Cards for team development, then you use the function TeamPlay. It aims to increase the participant's self-knowledge. Moreover, you will also get training in both giving and getting feedback.

With assistance of the connected app every participant can get a rough profile via HumanGuide. If you never have been in touch with HumanGuide before, then you will in this way get a first introduction. Those who already has done a HumanGuide-profile gain by getting others' opinons about them. In this way they can compare this profile with the one they already have done and based only on their own self-image.

Personal Development and Coaching

The deck of cards can also be used in order to do a PersonProfile by the function Profile. However, it is more practical to do a PersonProfile via internet, but when someone is not very verbal, it can be good to do the profile via Cards together with someone. If this person is a manager, coach or similar person, then this will be a good foundation for the coaching.

There are many versions of coaching programs depending on goals and circumstances. If you are interested, then you can take a contact an authorized "humanguide" or us at Humankonsult AB -- phone, etc. at the foot of the site. 

Figure Out the Personality Requirements in Recruitment and Staffing

It makes it much easier with a supportive tool in order to figure out the personality requirements on recruitment and staffing. You gather the involved people to a meeting. They figure out the requirements with the deck of cards. Then they register the chosen cards in the app in order to get a JobProfile via the function Profile in the app for Cards.

Design and Nurture Trademark and Culture

You need normally a lot of resources in order to describe a trademark or a company culture. Cards can considerably simplify this, and in this way improve your work with the trademark and the company culture.

Trademarks and cultures are described most often with both values and value words (qualities). When you use Cards for this purpose, then the result will be only in the format as qualities. However, this is not any big obstacle, because most values can be expressed sufficiently well with a quality or can be connected to a quality.

How then are the Cards used for this purpose? Well, at first by describing the trademark or the culture with the deck of cards. The next step is to register the chosen cards in the app, then you get a CultureProfile. Such a profile can then refer to the current version or what you like it to be.

The advantage with Cards is that the personality theory covers all human behaviour. Moreover, the structure with eight factors implies that you get a more nuanced profile that what many competitors can offer. And still it is easier to handle eight factors compared with concepts, which have more factors. Finally, the personality theory has a natural structure, which is easy to relate to both work and everyday life.


The overall result is that you get a very practical, pedagogical tool to describe aspects, which are not so easy to grasp otherwise. Moreover, their use leads gradually to your getting a more distinct language for describing human qualities.


A deck of cards, which is the core of HumanGuide Cards, costs 100 € excluding Value Added Tax (VAT) for professional use (companies and organizations). When you buy more then one, then the price is 60 € excluding VAT. The connected app is free of charge. NOTE: It is a web app, so you don't download it, you only go the address

When you want to use Cards privately, then a deck of cards costs 60 € excluding VAT or when buying more than one the price is 40 € excluding VAT.

You can also do profiles, which e.g. describe your personality. Everyone who register themselves in the app can do one profile for free. Then a profile costs 25 € excluding VAT. However, the price has a rebate for students and the unemployed. For them the price is 10 € excluding VAT.


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