Partners & Cooperation

The development of the HumanGuide-concepts was started by Rolf Kenmo and his company Humankonsult AB, which is situated in Tullinge about 20 km Southwest of Stockholm city, Sweden.

Below are shown crucial partners for us and with whom we cooperate.

Partners in Sweden

  • Långtidsfrisk - It is a network. Its mission is to support people in companies and organizations so that they can be healthy for a long time. Contact: Eva Ljungkvist. Långtidsfrisk exists also in Norway
  • Boda Borg - Adventure houses, which are available at 8 places in Sweden. Contacts: Bengt Schön, Karlskoga and Stefan Kemi, Oxelösund. We have developed a training together with them in order to develop individuals and teams
  • Rune Larsson - Rune is an ultra runner. Rune gives lectures about the art of motivation. Together we have developed a seminar about motivation and its importance 
  • Talarforum - They mediate speakers e.g. Rune Larsson and Rolf Kenmo
  • Konflikthantering - How to handle conflicts? Contact: Thomas Jordan
  • Mallverkstan - They are our main IT partner

International Partners

  • RH 99, the company, which is responsible for the HumanGuide-concepts' use in Brazil
  • Vetor Editoria, the company that also trains users of the HumanGuide-concepts and distributes documentation in Brazil
  • ISA International Szondi Association, organisation for support and development of L. Szondi's (1893-1986) personality theory, etc. You can here download the Programme and Abstract book from the XXIth Global Congress in Budapest 2017. You can also download the the scentific journal Szondiana for 2015, 2016 and 2017.
  • The Szondi Institut, Zürich, Schweiz, organisation for support and development of L. Szondi's (1893-1986) personality theory, etc. Here you can download the latest Szondiana, which is a yearly journal, which is published by ISA (International Szondi Association). Every third year it is a global Szondi conference and then many of the presentations are published in that year's Szondiana. In this year's Szondiana there yoiu find an article based on Rolf Kenmo's presentation "Does Szondi's Personality Theory have Competitiveness?". An evaluation between MBTI, DISC, Big five and HumanGuide (a Szondi-based test).
  • ITC International Test Commission, organisation that insures high test quality and good use of tests, e.g. personality tests
  • SATEPSI, organisation that handles appovals of tests in Brazil e.g. the HumanGuide persoanlity test is approved by them

Cooperation with Groups on Linkedin

Groups on Linkedin, where we are responsible

  • HumanGuide International - Users of the HumanGuide-concepts
  • The Szondi Forum - Users of L Szondi's (1893-1986) personality theory
  • Katalytisk företagskultur (Swedish) - Those who believe that a trust-based organization is more efficient than an organization based on control.


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