I, Rolf Kenmo, am the one who started the development of the HumanGuide-concepts. I have been a consultant almost my whole working life. I worked at first with IT for about 10 years. Since 1975 I have focused on psychology and pedagogy in order to use that knowledge for development of individuals/leaders, teams and companies/organizations. In 1983 I started Humankonsult AB in order to go my own way for creating more "Human efficiency". What that means is not to work harder, instead it means increasing people's self-knowledge and in this way have a better time both at work and in life. The choices at work and in life fit then better a person"s personality. Moreover, it will be easier to cooperate with other people by better understanding of myself and others.

In 1986 I started the development of the HumanGuide®-concepts with crucial support from the Swedish psychologists Lars-Erik, Liljeqvist, Bo Haglund, Mary Norman, Leo Berlips and Olof Rehn. In 1999 I started to cooperate with psychologists abroad. We have in common that we use L. Szondi's (1893-1986) personality theory. The most important psychologists from abroad for the development of the concepts have been Friedjung Jüttner, Switzerland (The Szondi-Institut); Giselle Welter, Brazil; Christian Clair, France, and Robert Maebe, Belgium. Since 2000 Giselle Welter has also contributed in an extensive way to the development of the concepts, e.g. she has carried out an extensive validation study in 2006 with very good psychometric results for the concepts test module -- the core of the concepts. HumanGuide in that study in Brazil was the first approved personality test (April-2009) that was online and based on forced-choice (ipsative). Look atSATEPSI.

The HumanGuide®-concepts can be used in many ways, because the concepts are based on modules that can be combined in many ways -- they are not only a personality test. The HumanGuide®-concepts are a test and development system! Typical applications are for

  • development of individuals/leaders
  • development of teams
  • handling conflict (better cooperation by understanding of each other)
  • development of organizations e.g. support in recruitment, etc.

More information on the web site.

The HumanGuide®(HG)-concepts Compared with the Competitors

I have systematically used the idea to be different compared with the competitors. The objective is to much better meet the users' expectations and needs. I recommend therefore the book Blue Ocean Strategy (W Chan Kim, Renée Mauborgne), where you can read more about that strategy. Some examples how we have applied that strategy:

  • when you do a profile (test) you will not be a “type”. Instead you will understand what "tools" are in your personality's "toolbox" and what strength they give  
  • when you have received your profile, you will meet an authorized "humanguide". In this way you will really understand the profile and its consequences. This is instead of getting a standardized report of many pages. The result will then be both fine tuned and documented in a so-called CoreProfile (“the personality in a nutshell"). Look e.g. at my presentation as a humanguide CoachRKenmo_eng.pdf,
  • when you have received your MiniProfile you can use it as a platform for both development as an individual and as a team member -- based on many tools. Most people who have done a CoreProfile most often will use it as an everyday tool

I focus just now mostly on the development of the concepts' use. However, I do still some assignments in Sweden and sometimes abroad in order to control that the concepts function well. I do also assignments, so I get ideas for further improvement and development. Moreover, I support my growing global networld both concerning Brazil and other countries. By the way, do you know that Sweden's biggest industry town is Sao Paulo with more than 30 000 employees (2010) in Swedish-owned companies?

In year 2014 the test module has been translated into Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Our customer u-blox AG (since 20039 in Switzerland has wished for this because their business is increasing in East-Asia. The company develops and sells GPS and wireless chips globally. u-blox uses HumanGuide mostly as support for recruitment and team building.

This year also the test module has been translated into Norwegian, because of the network Långtidsfrisk (long-time healthy) that is very much appreciated in Norway.

2019 wished our customer u-blox AG that the test should be translated into Finnish. Such a testmodule was launced in April 2020.

We are also investigating possibilities to get partners in more countries than Brazil, Switerland and Norway. There is ongoing discussions with potential partners in Portugal, which is natural, because in Brazil they are also talking Portuguese;-)

For Your Success!

Rolf Kenmo  (my consultant profile á la HumanGuide)

Giselle Welter, CTO, RH99,  Brazil (her consultant profile á la HumanGuide)

P.S. A More Detailed History

1975 - Rolf is responsible for development of better methods in order to develop IT system in a big IT consultant company. This implies that he starts to cooperate with a "psychologist" company, which is focused on vocational psychology.

1986 - Rolf starts together with psychologists (mostly Lars-Erik Liljequist and Bo Haglund from GPI, i.e. Göteborgs Psykotekniska Institut) to develop a personality questionnaire in order to support selection of bus guides for journeys to the Alps.

1999 - Rolf participates in the 15th global conference for the Szondi International Society at the university in Louvain-la-Nueve, Belgium. He gets there contacts with many "Szondians", who then could support him with his development of the HumanGuide-concepts. Moreover, he designed an internet-based version of the questionnaire.

2001 - Rolf publishes the book Let the Personality Bloom in a Swedish edition. The objective with the book is to support personal development based on the HumanGuide-concepts.

2002 - Giselle Welter, Sao Paulo, Brazil, develops together with Rolf a Brazilian version (Portuguese) of the questionnaire. Giselle starts to use that in Brazil.

2005 - The book Let the Personality Bloom is published in an English edition. Giselle starts a validation study of the HumanGuide-concepts test module.

2007 - Giselle's validation study is approved at the Universidade Sao Fransisco in Itatiba (outside Sao Paulo), Brazil. The book Let the Personality Bloom (Deixe a Personalidade Florescer) is published in a (Brazilian) edition.

2009 - HumanGuide is the first and by now the only force-chosen and internet-based personality test, which is approved in Brazil -- SATEPSI. The book Let the Personality Bloom is now also available in the same version in Swedish, English and Portuguese (Brazil). It can be bought in Swedish' book shops (also via adlibris.se) and in Brazil (vetoreditoria.com.br).

2010 - A new more advanced website is launched in Brazil. Start of cooperation with Boda Borg in the Swedish cities Oxelösund and Karlskoga.

2014 - The test module is now available in 12 languages. This year are added Norwegian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese, etc.

2015 - The test was translated into Hungarian and Hebrew.

2017 - We developed three web apps

  • your.humanguide.se - as personaliy knowledge "in your pocket" (smartphone)
  • cards.humanguide - as a support for using the HumanGuide Cards (a deck of cards combined with this app)
  • mobile.humanguide.se - as support for our authorised users

2018 - We developed the version 2.0 of the your.humanguide,se so the user e.g. could calculate the passionindex the persoanlity and a job.

2019 - We celebrated 20 year of cooperation with our partners Giselle Welter (CTO) and Marco Sinicco (CEO) at RH99 in Brazil. This year it had been done 500,000 tests with  the Brazilian IT-system (Portuguese) between 2010-2019. 

2020 - In April a Finnish version of the test was launched.


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