Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is wise, BUT it does not mean that you should sweep problems under the rug. This means that problems are often something that can be solved. If this is not possible, then you only have to accept that -- at least for the moment.

If you wish to learn more about positive thinking, then you can learn by reading in the book Let the Personality Bloom

Training in Positive Thinking

Solution-Focused Communication

This is very effective. It is the difference between listing problems as compared to asking miracle questions.

Here it is a document about Solution-based communication by Fletcher Peacock for inspiration. It is OK with him that you can download it here. By the way he walks his talk.

A fable We Like

It is the one about the North Wind and the Sun by La Fontaine. This version is illustrated by Richard Scarry and has an extract of a book published by Alla Barns Bokklubb, Carlsen.


The Sun and the North Wind

The sun and the North wind made a bet about who can first make so a horseman took off his coat. The North wind blew and blew, but the harder he blew, the closer the horseman put his coat.

"Let me try now", said the sun. Then he let his lovely beams shine on the horseman. What happened? It took a very short time and then the warmth from the sun forced the horseman to take off his coat...




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