The HumanGuide Concepts

Here you find overall information about the HumanGuide-concepts.


What does it mean? Well, if you like to develop yourself in some way, then you need to change yourself. Then your brain will create resistance. Why? It will save your energy! If you then should succeed with your development, then you must be disciplined and establish the new way to act. It is not so easy for people  to discipline themselves. It is human. Therefore we have developed and continously improve the HumanGuide-concepts so that you can get support for your development. Why a blue thread? Because the factor Structure (according to the theory Eight Boxes) is best on discipline, and it has blue as its symbolic colour! Look below.

An overview of the HumanGuide-concepts

The meaning of the factors in the theory Eight boxes 

An ”operating instruction” in order to interpret a PersonProfile via HumanGuide

A fact sheet for HumanGuide Cards

A validation study in Brazil (and also manual)

From this address you can download.

Interview with Rolf Kenmo, founder of the HumanGuide concepts

Done in January 2021 by Alexander Padalka (36 min).

Malcolm Gladwell writes about tests

By the way... I like what Malcolm Gladwell writes, because I have read the most of his books. He does always a thorough work and it is based on a lot of research. He writes well too and with a lot of examples. I like especially that he is an independent thinker, so very often he comes up with new useful perspectives.

He has written an article about personality tests e.g. if it can predict someone's behavior in a war... In the article you find information about Rohrschach, MBTI, TAT and so-called assessment center.

If you read the article, then try to answer the question: What value had probably Sandy on the HG factors and how can that explain his behavior in the war?

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