For Individuals & Teams

Here you have documents for downloading. They support development of individuals and teams based on use of the HumanGuide-concepts.

Are you happy with your life or can it be improved?

At first about our learning papers… The name  comes from the idea with so-called white papers. However, they should be written in a scientific style, but in our version the layman should like to read and also understand;-)

Here we have the following learning paper for downloading Are you happy with your life or can it be improved? (11 pages). It consists of a bundle of 10 specially picked books, which all of them support crucial personal development. The document contains very brief summaries of every book.

RH99 – Our partners in Brazil and their blog...

The HumanGuide concepts was “exported” to Brazil 1999. Today (Mars 2022) it has been done more than 500,000 tests in Brazil with their IT-system (Portuguese). They started a blog 2021. Here you have an example from the blog Is there an Ideal Personality Profile?

NOTE! Most of the articles are in Portuguese, but if you use the Chrome browser, then it can translate to many languages…

There is also one blog article about Diversity and how to be successful with diversity…

Individual and Team Development based on the HumanGuide Cards (a deck of cards + web app)

HumanGuide Cards, i.e. how you can develop cooperation in a team with TeamPlay in less than 2 hours.

Manual, how to use Cards, i.e. most about the use of the app.

Team development

TeamView, i.e. a template, where you can desribe the core factors in a team

To do a Person Chemistry Analysis

When two persons have done a PersonProfile á la HumanGuide and like to develop their relation, then you get here an instruction and a work sheet as support for that.

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