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Here you have documents for downloading. They support development of leaders based on use of the HumanGuide-concepts

A summary of Jim Collins' research on successful leadership. The paper summarizes ”the red thread” in his research, i.e. about his four books including the latest (2011) Great by Choice. The document is published as an article in the Bonniers Ledarskapshandbok. We like to get your email address, so we can offer you more knowledge about development. We will ask you for permission;-)


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Below you find also complementary pictures (slides) and some more documents...

  • Complementary slides to the paper above - primarily related to so-called Level5 leadership. The special leadership which Collins' research pointed out as a part of the explanation for the success in the eleven successful companies in the book "Good to Great"
  • Solution-focused communication, based on Fletcher Peacock’s book Water the Flower, not ..., which is used in coaching -- an overview
  • If you like in an easy way to check others opinion on your leadership - use this simple questionnaire. It consists of typical complaints...
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