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Here you can read or download documents, which primarily is about recruitment/staffing plus development and care about trademark/company culture. 

What is one of the most common mistakes in recruitment?

The HumanGuide concepts was “exported” to Brazil 1999. Today (Mars 2022) it has been done more than 500,000 tests in Brazil with their IT-system (Portuguese). They started a blog 2021.

NOTE! Most of the articles are in Portuguese, but if you use the Chrome browser, then it can translate to many languages…

Here you have a link to a blog post (from our partners in Brazil) about one of the most common mistakes in recruitment… It is about  diversity & inclusionand how you can do it in an successful way…

Why fails many mergers & acquisitions?

Here you can read about that on the Brazilian blog.

Why fail some entrepreneurs and some are successful?

At first a little about our learning pappers... The name comes from the idea with so-called white papers. However, they should be written in a scientific style. In our version should the layman like to read and understand;-) There are such papers on our website. Here you can download a paper (12 pages), which brings up what qualities are crucial in order to be successful as an entrepreneur... The paper is based e.g. on five years of research regarding successful companies in USA, which you find in Jim Collins' bessteller Good to Great – Why fail some entrepreneurs and some are successful?

Steve Jobs: The first 10, who you hire, settle if it will be a success or a failure... 

Cióuld your recruitment process be improved? If so, then we primatrily can offer our personality test. It can be used for many purposes e.g. when you should do a specification of the personality demands in order to perform well in a certain job. We do a JobProfile. Another method we have developed is to use the HumanGuide Cards, which consist of the personality test in deck of cards format combined with a web app . We havea slo developed a unique way to investigate a referee's opinion about a candidate.

We have also developed a pedagogic example how you can do the staffing for a bee society, i.e. for the "jobs" as queen, worked bee and drone. Here you can download about staffing a bee society...

Do you like the culture you are in?

At first about our learning papers… The name  comes from the idea with so-called white papers. However, they should be written in a scientific style, but in our version the layman should like to read and also understand;-)

Here you can download a paper about conscious company and country cultures – described in the “HumanGuide” way.

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