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Have you done a personality test? Do you use any insight from the test every week? Every week?

Many do personality tests, but they seldom use insights from these personality tests every week... They do a test and after a while is the test result forgotten. Some time later a new test is done and also this is forgotten. Etc.

Most users of the HumanGuide® concepts use the insights from the tests every week. Every week! Also in their private life! They cooperate therefore better with other people. Their recruitment and staffing works better. And more... 

Here you have a short presentation of the HumanGuide concepts (2 min).

We have also developed HumanGuide tools e.g. apps. Look at profile.humanguide.se and cards.humanguide.se. The second app is used together with a deck of cards, i.e. the personality test in deck of cards format. Then we also have developed the template StrengthsStrategy, where you can fill in your test result and how you use your strengths in the best way. The StrengthsStrategy you can have great use of in your whole life!

The HumanGuide concepts core is a personality test. More about the symbolic colours for the eight dimensions in the personality theory (4 min) - Developed by our partners in Brazil. Here you have a version with text in Portuguese click here! 

The video below shows how to use HumanGuide Cards for TeamPlay. The video is in Swedish, but Cards is bilingual (Swedish and English).

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How TeamPlay with HumanGuide® Cards works… (in Swedish)

"HumanGuide Cards is an incredible tool for communication... At first I did TeamPlay with my family. Very valuable! Moreover, I got an unusually good dialogue with my teenager…

I have also used the tool as support in recruitment. The candidate should use the 8 cards (of 72), which describe her most accurate. Then she should do the other way around. With a short and simple instruction, I got a lot of crucial information about the candidate. Some answers had been impossible to ask about. I got a very clear opinion about the candidate, when I had registered the cards in the connected app. Therefore I am now proceeeding to hire her. I didn't need to interview anyone more;-)

Cards is a genius tool with many possibilities. Moreover, very easy to use."

Anna Hjelm, Tumba Hälsocenter

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