• Services?
    • When and how can you use the HumanGuide-concepts?
    • References?
    • What is the foundation of the concepts?
  • Company/Organization?
    • What should the personality be like in order to handle a particular job in a good way?
    • How best to attract someone who is most suited for a particular job?
    • How can we check job references in a smarter way?
    • If we like to describe in a simple way our trademark and culture - our DNA - how can we do that?
  • Private life?
    • Job matching, i.e. analyse how a job suits my personality?
    • What life partner suits me?
    • Person Chemistry Analysis, i.e. what happens when I cooperate with another person and how should we act in order to cooperate well?
  • Leader?
    • How to coach X in a good way?
    • How to handle the conflict between X and Y?
    • Who suits best for this task?
  • Individual?
    • What type of tasks suit me, i.e. my strengths can be used there?
    • What is my biggest yoke (pitfall) and how can I handle that?
    • What type of culture in companies and organizations suits me best?
    • What should I think of when I cooperate with other people?
  • Team?
    • How can we staff in a good way and get a good start?
    • How to handle conflicts?
    • How to get tips about how to cooperate with different members of the team?

How TeamPlay with HumanGuide® Cards works… (in Swedish)

"HumanGuide Cards is an incredible tool for communication... At first I did TeamPlay with my family. Very valuable! Moreover, I got an unusually good dialogue with my teenager…

I have also used the tool as support in recruitment. The candidate should use the 8 cards (of 72), which describe her most accurate. Then she should do the other way around. With a short and simple instruction, I got a lot of crucial information about the candidate. Some answers had been impossible to ask about. I got a very clear opinion about the candidate, when I had registered the cards in the connected app. Therefore I am now proceeeding to hire her. I didn't need to interview anyone more;-)

Cards is a genius tool with many possibilities. Moreover, very easy to use."

Anna Hjelm, Tumba Hälsocenter

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